5 Things Every Man Must Do On A First Date

When you go on a first date, you should go to great lengths to make your date comfortable. If you really want to get a second date, then you have to make a good first impression. Here are some points to keep in mind when going out on a date with a potential long-term partner.

Be clear about the details of your date.

Women always find first dates exciting. And if you’ve specified a time, she’d be thinking about the date days before. To fulfill her anticipation, remember to call her up as early as lunch time during the set date. Also, make sure that you tell what you’ve planned for your date. First dates are not usually the time to come up with surprises or be planning on fully seducing her because you never know what your date prefers and hates.

Pick a good location.

Choose a location that is relatively near to her place. A restaurant or comedy bar (if that is her interest) a couple of blocks away from her home is ideal. That way, you may continue a lovely conversation while walking her home and she won’t get tired.

Compliment your date on how she looks.

It is a known fact that women take a long time just to prepare for date. So, always compliment her on how she looks. Of course, don’t go overboard with your compliments. You may come off as sounding insincere.

Keep the conversation interesting.

Keep the topic of conversation about her. Even if she asked you out, she’s always the first subject in the conversation. When she talks, listen well. Then, respond with answers that are truly yours. Be yourself because she is being herself. Plus, many women can also tell if their date is making up stories.

Settle the bill.

Unless you’ve come to a pre-arranged matter on going Dutch for your date, it is always assumed that men should pay for dinner, coffee, and the movie during the date. So, make sure that you have enough cash in hand. It’s quite embarrassing to come up short when you pay the bill and having your date pitch in.

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