Keeping Clean: How Alcohol Intake Affects Mens Health

Parties won’t be complete with bottles of beer or cocktail drinks. Even in fine dining, wine is served along with the gourmet dish.

And so, it cannot be denied that drinking is part of our culture. Some of us cannot stand being alcohol-free.

What men can do is to consider the effects of alcohol intake to their health and know how to cut their consumption to occasional drinking.

Everything in moderation

Excessive intake of alcohol may lead to various causes of death and illnesses, including cirrhosis and cancer of the liver, cancer of the mouth, hypertension, and stroke.

As in the case of beer and wine, studies show that when taken moderately, these alcoholic beverages are not always as harmful to health as they can be.

Only through excessive that drinking of wine and beer will lead to bone loss and other dreaded effects.

Binge drinking

The act of drinking heavily over a short period of time is particularly hazardous to health because it may result in acute intoxication. This is a common problem for those who are trying to withdraw from their alcohol addiction.

Perhaps what they can do is take small amounts at a time, until they’re ready to let go of such habit.

Given the ill effects of alcohol intake on men’s health, it would best to take everything in moderation.

It’s not bad to have a bottle of beer to help you relax and enjoy a football game with your buddies or have a sip of cocktail drinks and wine during parties, as long as you’re still in control.

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