Best Food Supplements for the Canadian Male

There are just too many food supplements for men in local health and food stores that it would be hard to distinguish which ones are medically accepted and which ones are not highly recommended. It is true that men need supplements for optimum nutrition. Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal.

While some are effective, others can’t even guarantee health benefits. And so, it pays to know each supplement available in the market.

Here are some of the best food supplements for men, along with their health benefits.

Green tea

Green tea helps you get into shape. This is because green tea helps burn more fat. This is proven by studies, which concludes that drinking green tea helps you fight fat and control weight gain.


Multivitamins are not only recommended for men but for anyone who doesn’t have enough fruits and vegetables in their diet.

These supplements are taken to meet the daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. However, buyers should watch out for multivitamins with too much minerals, which can lead to increased risks of contracting heart ailments.

As they say, anything in excess can be harmful.

Fish oil

Like women, guys also fear the effects of aging, and so they hit the gym to help build on muscle strength. But what they fail to take notice of is the condition of their hearts. Fish oil is recommended for those who are prone to develop heart diseases.

Fish oil is sold in different prices, but it would be best to invest on supplements that don’t taste so much like fish.

Though they’re a bit expensive, they guarantee benefits that can help you maintain good health and let you live longer.

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