4 Tips For Selling Your Condo

Maybe you’ve finally found that special someone and your one bedroom ‘cave’ is no longer going to cut it. Or, maybe it’s just time to move up.

Regardless, selling any type of property can be stressful. It’s a huge transaction consisting of many different processes, processes that actually vary depending on the type of property you are selling.

It is because of this variance that it is important for a guy to do his homework. Before listing your property, it will benefit you to learn the specifics regarding the type of property you are going to be selling; in this case, we will be looking at what exactly you should consider before listing your condo.

Below we’ve outlined some tips for selling your condo that can help you maximize your profit with a quick and stress-free transaction.

Most Importantly…

  • The Time Of Year Matters

It does not occur to everyone that the season can have an impact on the sale of their home. It is important though to consider the time of year, as each season comes with it’s own pros and cons.  

Generally, spring is the busiest season for real estate and winter tends to be the slowest. This, however, should not be your determining factor for when to list your home – it really depends on your situation and how you would like the process to unfold.

  • Condos Are Different Than Houses

Condos have their ups and downs when compared with single-family homes, so be sure to have a positive response to any negative aspect of condo living that may be brought up by potential buyers.

Sure, condo’s come with HOA fees, but they are generally priced cheaper than single-family homes.

Yeah, you might have upstairs and downstairs neighbours, but don’t forget about all of the amazing amenities included with the unit!

These differences will affect the type of buyer your property draws in, the kind of lifestyle they are looking for, and what they are willing to pay.

It is your job to know these differences and to sell them.

  • Know Your Condo Associations Rules, Fees, etc.

Before listing your condo, make sure you have looked over all of the information regarding your condo’s association – their rules, their fees, and any other information that a buyer may ask about.

You should be comfortable relaying this information to potential buyers.

Additionally, it would not hurt to have extra copies of the association’s documents outlining this information on hand for potential buyers to look over, and in case you need to answer a question you do not know the answer to.

  • Find A Realtor That Specializes in Condos

This should go without saying, but hiring a realtor will make your life a heck of a lot easier – while you’re at it, make sure to hire a realtor who specializes in the buying and selling of condos.

They can share their experience and their expertise on the market outlook, needs of buyers, and anything else that may prove important throughout the process.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Ready, Set, Sell!

With these things to consider, you should be on your way to a quick and pain free (and profitable!) sale – your condo will be off of your hands in no time.

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