Avoiding Automotive DIY Disaster: Pro Shop vs. Local Shop

It’s unavoidable.

Whether it is regular maintenance or an unfortunate repair that’s needed, it’s guaranteed that you will have to take your car in to a mechanic eventually. While guys are expected to know how to fix some of the basics (boost a battery, change the oil, and make sure the damn thing is insured properly), there will come a time when a trip to the mechanic is unavoidable.

And so brings on the age-old debate: DIY, or small local shop vs. commercialized dealership?

Each option does have their share of pros and cons, which can make making a decision seem daunting. So to help you out, we have outlined for you why you should get your car fixed at a local independent mechanic shop instead of a dealership.

Why Local Shops Are Better

There are two main reasons why you should take your car to a local mechanic shop rather than a big dealership: competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service. Aside from these two obvious (and very appealing) reasons, don’t forget that it is also a great way to put money back into the local economy and help out a fellow neighbor.

Lower Pricing

Small independent businesses have to offer reasonable pricing in order to compete with large dealerships. This means they are almost always significantly lower in price for repairs and maintenance than the dealerships are.

Better Customer Service

Probably the most significant difference you will find between commercial dealerships and independently owned shops in the quality of their customer service.

These local shops rely heavily (almost entirely) on word-of-mouth marketing. This means that they take their customer service seriously, as any negative word-of-mouth could be extremely damaging to their reputation within the community and could lead to a decline in business.

Great, personalized service leaves customers satisfied, which means they are more likely to return in the future and may recommend the shop to their friends and family.

Helping the Local Economy

Often times the large dealerships are international businesses. Rather than putting money into the pocket of some CEO in an office a thousand miles away, you can take your car to the local mechanic.

By doing this, your money helps out the local mechanic who owns the shop; it may go towards their mortgage, putting food on the table, or sending their kids to extracurricular activities.

Not only will shopping locally help out the family behind the business, but by putting money into the hands of the communities residents will also benefit the local economy. The mechanic who owns the shop will most likely spend that money on other things within the community, such as food, activities, consumer goods, etc., which helps boost the areas economy.

Choosing An Independent Mechanic

Not all local shops are worth your money.

Be sure to do your research before paying someone to work on your vehicle: read reviews, talk to previous clients, check the mechanics certifications, and compare the different shops within the area.

Go Local

They’re more affordable, they’re more personable, and they benefit the community; choosing to “shop local” should be a no-brainer.

Your car is going to need a mechanic at some point (sorry, it’s unfortunate but it’s true) and there are plenty of great reasons as to why you should take your car to the local shop rather than the dealership.

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