How Effective Are Those Exercise Machines You See in TV Shopping Networks?

Ads like “lose weight in 2 weeks” are pretty common in TV shopping networks.

Marketing and advertising tag lines surely catch the viewer’s attention to purchase the exercising equipment. After dialing the numbers and placing an order, what’s next?

You will find out that the great thing about what you bought is that these exercise machines are so simple to use and very easy to store. However, that does not mean you will already get into shape faster.

You should not be deceived into buying something from shopping networks that do not deliver what they promise.

To guide you, here are the common mistakes people make when shopping on TV.

Top mistakes people make when buying fitness products

First mistake is buying an equipment that’s not designed to produce the desired result. Second is not considering which activities you will really enjoy or dislike, and so, after using the product for a short time, you regret buying it and don’t want to use it anymore.

When you purchase the fitness equipment via mail or through an infomercial, chances are, the product may be defective or not as enticing as it looks on TV. This is a common mistake of people buying from shopping networks.

They forget to ask about warranties, repairs, maintenance, and return policies. Sometimes, some of them go on buying a product that is too big for their home or uncomfortable for them to use.

Should you be buying any product from TV shopping networks, the least you could do is have the product tested before finally paying for it.

That way, you will get your money’s worth. If that’s not possible, at least look for consumer reviews not from the shopping network or manufacturer’s websites but from independent sites.

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