Step Aside Fellas, Manual Labor Jobs Aren’t Just for Boys Anymore

Women account for approximately 23% of employees in the oil and gas industry. This may not seem like a huge number but it is impressive considering that this line of work was once completely dominated by men.

More and more women are filling the talent gap. However, the industry still struggles to attract  and retain women.

Companies need new types of talents, which women can bring to the industry. Luckily, with the help of organization such as Women Building Futures, more women are breaking into the manual labor field.

However, no need to stress fellas – a larger diversified talent pool is better for all. Here’s why:

Women Building Futures

Women Building Futures is an organization that offers industry recognized training for women looking for manual labor jobs. 

They work alongside industries, governments and communities to provide these programs to women in Canada.

In the past 20 years, they have supported over 2000 women.

They focus on removing barriers in order for Canadian women to succeed and seek possibilities for growth in labor industries such as oil and gas.

Women Are Rising to the Challenge

More and more women are taking it upon themselves to thrive in the gas and oil industry.

Natalie Garson from Edmonton, Alberta, did not let anything get in her way when she decided to seek a job that would keep her physically active in the oilfields.

With only a ticket, but no experience or connections in the industry, Natalie turned to social media to build the network she needed to gain a sense of direction.

Was she face with apprehension from this male dominated industry? Absolutely not! Natalie was met with support and advice from a welcoming community. This eventually landed her a career in the oil fields.

Why Should Women Work in the Oilfields?

Why shouldn’t they? Women are bringing a new and diverse range of talents and insights to a flourishing and lucrative industry.

And they are just as entitled to the benefits of working in the oilfields as anyone else. Some of these benefits include:

  • No need for a college degree. Entry-level positions require only a high school diploma.
  • Opportunities for advancement. You can move your way up from these entry-level positions and necessary training is often provided by the company you work for.
  • Good pay scale. The oil and gas industry offers one of the best pay scales for unskilled laborers.
  • Travel opportunities. Women in the oil and gas industry have a chance to travel to different locations to work.
  • Stability and long-term work. The need for oilfield workers is global and there will never be a shortage of work.

Move Aside, Fellas!

Women are beginning to gravitate toward manual labor jobs – as well they should! It’s time to diversify the oil and gas industry by welcoming and encouraging the various talents that women can bring to the field.

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